Your Wedding Fairy Godmother is proud to offer a healthy, convenient, and affordable alternative to tanning. The tanning solution we use contains DHA which is actually a sugarcane derivative. It reacts with the amino acids of your skin, in turn producing your tan. DHA is safe and does not absorb into the blood stream. The solutions we use have a firming, anti-aging effect and provide a natural glowing tan that is never orange! For your tan you may choose to either visit our home-based business or we can travel to you. We provide all amenities from towels, barrier cream, and disposable undergarments. Upon booking your spray tan, we will give you all the necessary information from prepping your skin to maintenance of your tan. Pricing of the airbrush tans are as follows:

 Full body 35.00 

 Upper half body (includes the face) 20.00

 Lower half body 18.00 

 Face and neck only 10.00